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Here at Creating A Sound, we are grateful for our partners, who faithfully support the work of our ministry, and we are excited about continuing to support theirs.

For more information about becoming a partner and having your work featured on our website, contact us today.

Prophetess Stacey N. Cox

Prophetess Stacey N. Cox is the visionary and founder of Beautiful Gate Ministry, co-founder of Beautiful Gate Media Group, online host for Release the Word Radio Network and Release the Word Channel, Beautiful Life Makeover coach, and Disarming Strongholds in Love speaker. She is also the author of Walking in Your Purpose and contributing author to The Prism of the Prophetic. God has given her the ability to operate in gratitude and compassion as she listens and provides solutions to the needs of the various people she assists.

Her desire is to use the Word of God to cultivate the lives of women, so that they might live their lives on purpose and empowered. She believes that there is power in the Word, and that we are God's masterpieces, designed for His purpose.

Prophetess Stacey is an anointed woman of God under the leadership of Apostles Kevin and Candace Ford of Abiding Presence International Alliance. She encourages and empowers others to open the gate of their lives to be transformed through the Word of God. With a heart to serve, she does not take her purpose in God's Kingdom lightly. Prophetess Stacey boldly carries out her mission to break strongholds and to cultivate and motivate the Body of Christ.

Blessed Is the Lord: Prayers for the Workplace

In her new book, Blessed Is the Lord: Prayers for the Workplace, Prophetess Stacey N. Cox shares how we can be strategic, effective, and purposeful in our position of prayer over the workplace. As a workman tested by trials, we can learn to accurately handle and skillfully speak the Word of Truth and watch God make a difficult workplace peaceful and productive.

Present yourself to God as one approved, and watch God transform the workplace as we lift up prayers for:

  • Guidance
  • Your Purpose
  • You & Your Company's Success, Growth & Expansion
  • Difficult Co-workers, Bosses & Customers
  • Problem Resolution in the Workplace
  • God's Favor

Order your copy today!

For more information about Prophetess Stacey, and her new book, visit

Reverend Jamar H. Lee

Reverend Jamar Haynes Lee has been in ministry for over 20 years. Jamar and his wife Cassandra are the founders of Family & Marriage Enrichment and have a heart to help families flourish. Together they also head the Youth Ministry at Glory To God Ministries in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

As a Youth Pastor, Reverend Jamar often demonstrates his love for others while preaching in prisons, visiting nursing homes and hospitals, and helping the less fortunate. Using his gifts, Reverend Jamar has had the opportunity to speak and do standup comedy nationally and internationally, including touring with the legendary comedian Sinbad. He also wrote, produced, and starred in the song/video “The Graduation Anthem.” Jamar was featured in the hit series “Pure Flix Comedy All-Stars.”

Reverend Jamar graduated top of his class from the Young Preachers Institute and majored in Psychology with a focus on the family, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Ohio Christian University.

A devoted husband and father of two boys and a girl, Reverend Jamar lives by his quote, “As you get better, your relationships will get better.”

How to Guarantee Your Children Will Go to Heaven

In his new book, How to Guarantee Your Children Will Go to Heaven, Reverend Jamar Haynes Lee discusses some of the harsh realities facing youth today.

The leading cause of intentional death among youth is suicide, even above homicide. 88% of children who grow up in evangelical homes leave the church by the age of eighteen, never to return.

Through this book and his message, Rev. Jamar Haynes Lee is helping pastors and parents turn this around. More youth are being trained to enjoy a daily relationship with Jesus instead of just a weekly religion. This message reveals why so many children have fallen away and how you can guarantee that your children and grandchildren do not do the same. This is the ideal book to recommend to a parent, grandparent, or to your congregation.Click this text to start editing. This image and text block is great for descriptions about your business, products, or services. Double-click the image on the right to change it. You can also stack more of these blocks to describe items with imagery.

The scriptures in this book are written out so that you can use it as a daily devotional. Whether you read it 2 minutes or 20 minutes a day you will receive your necessary daily bread.

By reading this book, you will learn how to:

  • Reach your full potential as a parent, grandparent, or guardian
  • Have children or grandchildren desire to do what is right, even when you’re not around
  • Prevent your children or grandchildren from having sex outside of a God ordained marriage
  • Prevent your children or grandchildren from attempting suicide or illicit drugs
  • Have your children or grandchildren reach their full potential in school
  • Guarantee that your children or grandchildren will live for God from birth until burial
  • Grow your congregation with ages 13-35 using this book for daily family devotions

Order your copy today!

For more information about Reverend Jamar, and his new book, or to read an excerpt of the book, visit


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